• How to set up custom Sass partials in the GOV.UK Prototype Kit

    When writing your own CSS/Sass for your prototypes it is advised that any custom styling gets put under the “Add extra styles here, or re-organise the Sass files in whichever way makes most sense to you” comment in application.scss. However, when you start adding a lot of styling, it starts to get messy. I prefer to use partials to break code up into manageable and easy to read partials (smaller files with “chunks” of styling for certain elements).

  • Deploying your prototype online with Heroku

    Now that you have your prototype working locally (See setting up the govuk_prototype_kit), you’ll want to publish it somewhere so that others can see it, introducing Heroku. Heroku is a platform as a service that allows developers to create apps and serve them “in the cloud”.

  • How to set up the govuk_prototype_kit on Windows

    The govuk_prototype_kit is a quick and easy way to develop high fidelity prototypes for projects that need to look like Gov.UK. There is plenty of advice on using the kit on the GitHub pages, but here is a quick tutorial for setting up Node.js and NPM on Windows in order to make things just work. It’s simple and quick!

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